Simple metered blood collection

VERIstic® Collection Device

Innovative and proprietary, novel capillary collection combined with integral cap for automated decapping. Easy metered collection that increases testing rate exponentially over typical manual process flow.

Revolutionizing laboratory workflows

Ascend to a Simpler Blood Sampling Paradigm. The VERIstic® completely redefines small volume blood collection workflows for home and clinician assisted applications. A unique and patent-pending 3-sided cappillary device design combines tried-and-true wicking action to collect 50 µL of blood with automated, walkaway processing to save time, money, and hassles.



Automated Cap

Cap designed to interface with decapper instrument for automated removal of the cap.


Threaded Cap

Ensures secure attachment of collection device to the transport tube.


Dry Transport

Dry transport followed by easy elution when the sample arrives into the laboratory. No messy liquids to spill or contaminate.



Compact size takes up less space and creates less waste. Overall length: 1.9 inches (48 mm). Cap diameter: 0.34 inches (8.6 mm).


Comfortable Collection

With a simple lancet blood prick in the home or clinic, the purpose-built open design rapidly and efficiently wicks 50 µL of blood from the finger while also enabling full elution in the lab.


Novel Design

VERIstic consists of a novel, patent-pending capillary blood collection device that is conveniently integrated into an automation-friendly cap. After collection, simply screw device into the matching collection tube and ship to the laboratory for automated testing workflow.


Collection Device Format

Packaged as individual capillary devices.

See for yourself how easy it is to use the VERIstic

Instructional Videos for the VERIstic®

Company Video

Collection video with the VERIstic (10ul)

Company Video

How to Make a Contrived Sample with the VERIstic (52ul)


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Patient wellbeing comes first

Collections Made Simple

Patients of all ages can find sample collection to be intimidating. Rhinostics collection devices provide comfortable and easy collection in seconds from the front of the nasal cavity.