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Revolutionizing Laboratory Workflows


Increase your lab testing by 10x

Rhinostics' elegantly designed nasal swab features rapid, automated accessioning and robotic removal of caps. The scale up solution for meeting high volume demands while reducing errors and manual repetitive motions.

  • Automated Cap

    Cap designed to interface with decapper instrument for automated removal of the cap

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  • Threaded Cap

    Ensures secure attachment of collection device to the transport tube.

  • Transport tube

    Protective container for dry and safe transport of sample.

  • Dry Transport

    Dry transport combined with polypropylene, hydrophobic swab allows up to 30X sample concentration versus other swabs. No messy liquids to spill or contaminate.

  • Dimensions

    Compact size takes up less space and creates less waste. Overall length: 1.92 inches (48.7 mm). Diameter of collection zone: 0.12 inches (3 mm). Length of collection zone: 0.61 inches (15.4 mm). Cap diameter: 0.34 inches (8.6 mm).

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  • 1D and Visual Barcode

    1D and visual barcode matches 2D barcode on bottom for redundant identifiers.

  • Base

    2D barcodes allow instantaneous automated accessioning of 96 at once.

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  • Manual Reader

    Redundant visual numbering is human readable if scanning barcode fails, providing multiple patient identifiers.


The Power of Automation

Imagine hands-free accessioning and cap removal. How many additional samples could you run through your laboratory? The benefits include less time, headcount, and errors.


RHINOstic Automated Nasal Swab


10,000 tests per day? No problem.

Increase sample volume while removing costs and headcount.

Talk about win-win. Increase sample volume while removing costs and headcount. Automate your processes to accession, remove sample caps, and move samples into your high throughput workflow for a rapid return on investment.


Lab Personnel: 15,000+ tests/day

Standard Flock Testing

Lab Personnel: 15,000+ tests/day


Bespoke integration into your laboratory workflow

Whether you are a clinician, commercial diagnostic lab, university or public health testing laboratory, we can help automate your workflow.

  • 1

    Instantaneous Accessioning

    2D barcodes enable accessioning of 96 samples at once.

  • 2

    Cap and Swab Removal

    Automate cap removal with the LabElite DeCapper, dramatically increasing sample throughput while reducing repetitive motions and exposure risk.

  • 3

    Liquid Handling

    Add saline to dry swabs for hands-free workflows and sample elution before moving directly into your assay.

  • 4

    Heat or Chemical Inactivation

    Use heat or chemical inactivation prior to progressing with your workflow.

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