Sample to result seamlessly

The Power of Automation

More samples faster

The RHINOsticâ„¢ Automated Nasal Swab speeds the process of bringing samples into high throughput laboratories by 10x through rapid accessioning and automated removal of the swab cap using decappers available on the market.

Making lab testing more efficient

Less man power. More testing. Precise results.

Lab Personnel: 15,000+ tests/day
Standard Flocked Swabs
Lab Personnel: 15,000 tests/day

Sample automation linked to assay workflows

Fully-Automated Swab Decapping and Accessioning

Think of the possibilities. RHINOsticâ„¢ Automated Nasal Swabs are fully compatible with decapping automation instruments for hands-free and rapid removal of caps and instantaneous reading of 96 sample barcodes at once. Add a liquid handler for sample elution into buffer, a heat block for rapid pathogen inactivation, and link to your other robotics executing high throughput assay workflows.


Hamilton LabElite DeCapper

Hamilton LabElite Decapper
Rhinostic Conversion Kit: #44258

Hands-free, ready to go. Automatically remove cap/swab and scan 2D barcodes. Speed up sample processing while protecting users from biohazard exposure.

LabElite Conversion Kit


96 Samples At Once

Say goodbye to repetitive motions, errors, wasted time, and extra manpower needed to accession each sample individually.

LabElite DeCapper/I.D. Reader simultaneously accession 96 samples using bottom 2D barcodes.


Liquid Handling

Sample to Assay Results Seamlessly.

Hamilton Microlab STAR connects to LabElite for hands-free elution and sample inactivation, linking to downstream assay robotics.

Hamilton Microlab Nimbus

Experience fast, easy to use, and superior quality pipetting in a compact system at an affordable price. Add, change, and upgrade parts and accessories as needed to accommodate changing workflows. The Microlab NIMBUS is offered in multiple platform configurations to provide the lab with a powerful and personalized solution.

Hamilton Microlab Prep

The Hamilton Microlab Prep packs quality and efficiency into a mini liquid handler workstation that easily fits on a lab bench or in many biological safety cabinets. The Prep is the solution to make your workflows faster, more precise, and more convenient than ever. Get ready to revolutionize the work in your lab by replacing manual pipetting with the efficiency and accuracy of the Microlab Prep.

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