Dependable swab processing workflows, even amid a crisis

Purpose-Built Solutions for Broad-Reaching Sample Collection Applications

Across the clinical space, dependable results hinge on high-quality sample input, yet many sample collection devices and methods have remained unchanged for decades. Our modern, efficient, and purpose-built collection devices make a positive impact in a broad range of sample collection applications around the world.

COVID-19 and Future Pandemic Testing: Instant scalability without disruption

Rhinostics was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic to counter disrupted nasal swab supply chains and significantly reduce turnaround times. Using an automated workflow featuring our RHINOstic® Automated Swabs, labs focusing on COVID-19 or many other sample collection applications can boost sample processing throughput and profits, and can also instantly, easily scale the workflow during times of surging demand.

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Single-/Multi-Analyte Respiratory and Infectious Disease Testing: Flexibility to keep patients top of mind

In a wide range of sample collection applications including respiratory and infectious diseases, automated workflows featuring Rhinostics sample collection devices provide critical workflow efficiencies that make a difference when patient health & wellbeing are at stake. At the same time, the walkaway convenience of automated processing helps to conserve precious samples and profits.

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Small Volume Blood Testing: No more hassles

Simple, purpose-built designs streamline small volume collection of blood and other biological samples while also enabling high-efficiency, high-throughput sampling processing. This is true for at-home and clinician-assisted collection methods.

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Save valuable time

In a crisis, the automated RHINOstic-based workflow provides valuable time savings during swab sample collection as well as accessioning and decapping steps to get more done and get results out the door faster.


1.5 Million

Tests per day


4 Million

Tests per day

Genetic Testing: High-end experience from collection to results

An elegant patient experience includes enhanced patient comfort during sample collection compared to antiquated devices. The experience continues into the lab with 30X concentrated samples, 80+% labor reductions, and high-throughput walkaway efficiencies.

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Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing: Protecting what’s important

Add our non-intrusive sample collection devices to home-based sampling kits to help reinforce customer privacy and discretion regarding sensitive matters. In the lab, the automated workflow increases processing throughput while protecting users from biohazard exposure and repetitive motion injury.

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