Increasing lab productivity 10x

RHINOstic® Automated Swab

Innovative and proprietary, flexible sterile swab with integral cap for automated decapping. Increase testing rate exponentially over typical manual process flow.

Revolutionizing laboratory workflows

Release your lab from the constraints of the past. Polypropylene swabs provide comparable result to nasopharyngeal collection with additional benefits of sample concentration and automatable, rapid accessioning and cap removal to get more samples through your lab faster.

RH-S000111: RHINOstic® Automated Swab


Automated Cap

Cap designed to interface with decapper instrument for automated removal of the cap.


Threaded Cap

Ensures secure attachment of collection device to the transport tube.


Dry Transport

Dry transport combined with polypropylene, hydrophobic swab allows up to 30X sample concentration versus other swabs. No messy liquids to spill or contaminate.



Compact size takes up less space and creates less waste. Overall length: 1.92 inches (48.7 mm). Diameter of collection zone: 0.12 inches (3.0 mm). Length of collection zone: 0.61 inches (15.4 mm). Cap diameter: 0.34 inches (8.6 mm).


Comfortable Collection

Patented soft swab tip is designed to provide comfortable nasal collection, easy enough for self-collection.


Novel Materials

Provides soft but efficient collection, dry transport, sample concentration. Medical grade quality polypropylene. Highly flexible comfortable tip. High article collection capacity.


Collection Device Format

Packaged as individual, sterile swabs.

Patient wellbeing comes first

Collections Made Simple

Patients of all ages can find sample collection to be intimidating. Rhinostics collection devices provide comfortable and easy collection in seconds from the front of the nasal cavity.