Partner: Hamilton Storage Technologies

Hamilton Storage is a global leader in the design and manufacture of automated storage systems as well as the automated small devices used in Rhinostics workflows. By safeguarding the integrity of samples and workflows, Hamilton Storage’s solutions empower researchers to reach new heights of laboratory efficiency while remaining focused on their scientific goals. The Hamilton Storage products below are ideal for use in a workflow featuring automation-ready Rhinostics products.

LabElite® I.D. Capper


Automated RHINOstic and VERIstic Decapping

Optimized to interface with RHINOstic swabs and VERIstic devices for hands-free capping and decapping of 12 samples at a time.


Automated Barcode Reading

Rapid 2D barcode reading allows instantaneous automated accessioning of up to 96 barcodes at once. Rack 1D side barcode reading is also available to strengthen audit trails.


Optional Integration

Can be operated as a standalone device or integrated with an automated liquid handler from Hamilton Company or third-party systems to further enhance efficiency. (requires extended linear rail)


Conversion Kit

Rhinostics Conversion Kit (HST44258) required.


Touchscreen Panel

Intuitive touchscreen interface provides easy navigation and access regardless of skill level.


Protect Samples and Personnel

Eliminates risk of personnel exposure and of cross-contamination over open tubes.

LabElite® Handheld Decapper


Semi-Automated RHINOstic and VERIstic Decapping

Optimized to interface with RHINOstic swabs and VERIstic devices for rapid semi-automated capping and decapping of 6-8 samples at a time.



Bridges the gap between manual and fully automated sample decapping and capping tasks for greater efficiencies and less physical strain for low-throughput or budget-conscious labs.


User Friendly

Ergonomic grip and design, along with intuitive decap/cap and eject buttons provide a comfortable user experience while boosting workflow efficiency and throughput compared to manual methods.



Charging/docking station with battery-powered portability provides increased convenience without the distance-limiting hassle of a tether or cord.


Protect Sample Integrity

Preset torque levels help to securely fasten caps and protect against sample loss and cap damage.