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Driven to Revolutionize Sample Collection Test Workflows

Defining a new era in streamlined swab technologies

COVID-19 cast light on the urgent need to improve or eliminate laboratory workflow deficiencies and bottlenecks. Rhinostics was born to meet the moment. Our united mission is to revolutionize swab test workflows through automated methods and more. We improve sample collection comfort and performance while removing costs and time compared to traditional sample collection and intake.

Our groundbreaking technologies include new materials, new collection types, and rapid, automated accessioning, decapping, and capping steps as well as hands-free swab sample processing. This enables robust high-throughput sample workflows with minimal human intervention so that users can focus on higher-value tasks.

Beyond COVID test needs, our novel swabs, and especially our groundbreaking automated swab technologies, can ease bottlenecks and improve efficiencies in numerous markets and test needs.

• COVID-19
• Respiratory pathogens
• Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)
• Influenza (Flu)
• Human papillomavirus (HPV)
• Genetic testing (DNA testing)
• Human identification
• Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
• Sexual assault evidence (SAE)
• Paternity testing
• Food testing
• Animal testing

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