Comfortable collection with rapid viral elution

Rhinostics GrooveSwab® Nasopharygeal Swab

Rhinostics GrooveSwab® brings novel materials to nasopharyngeal swab collection, providing more comfortable collection. The polypropylene, proprietary honeycomb collection head completely collects viral sample, allows for dry transport, and rapid and complete elution of viral particles from the nasopharyngeal swabs.

Bringing novel materials to tried and true collection

Upgrade your nasopharyngeal swabs to the newest materials in the market, bringing the benefits of polypropylene to respiratory viral collection. The smooth nasopharyngeal swabs provide more comfortable collection, provides dry transportation, and sample concentration.



Comfortable Collection

Patented honeycomb nasopharyngeal swab is designed for more comfortable collection.


Polypropylene Materials

Biomedical grade biopolymer allows for safe collection, dry shipment, and rapid release of viral and bacterial particles directly into saline. This provides both sample concentration and better assay performance.


Dry Transport

No viral transport media required, removing spill and contamination risk. Elution directly into a small volume of saline provides sample concentration.


Convenient Snap-Point

Snap-point located 3.0 inch from tip of swab allows flexible fit into a variety of collection tubes for transportation.



Compact size provides easy collection while fitting in most transport tubes. Overall Length: 6.0 inches (15.0 cm). Collection Zone Diameter: 0.12 inches (3.0 mm). Collection Zone Length: 0.12 inches (0.3 cm). Handle Diameter: 0.1 inches (2.5 mm).


High Article Collection Capacity

Collects high quality respiratory viral pathogen samples from nasopharyngeal collection.


Flexible Format

Swabs are individually packaged and sterilized.