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Rhinostics' advanced collection devices focus on improving patient-centric sample collection combined with bringing efficiencies and cost savings to laboratories in order to boost throughput with fewer dedicated laboratory staff. Our swabs are ideal for COVID testing needs as well as tests for respiratory pathogens, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza (Flu), sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and more. Additionally, our product development pipeline includes automated microsampling blood capillary collection devices, DNA collection devices and those other samples types including urine. We also offer robotic and manual decapping instruments that work across the growing product portfolio.

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Rhinostics Resources, Including Instructions for Use and Specifications

Product Flyer for Capillaries

Coming soon!

Product Flyer for DNA Collection

Rhinostics brings handsfree decapping to sample collection

An option for every throughput need


RHINObot decaps 96 Rhinostics automated collection devices in less than a minute for handsfree workflows


Rhinostics Alte-Cap Switch Manual Decapper


Rhinostics Alte-Cap Solo handheld decapper enables Rhinostics handsfree automated collection devices

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Instructional Videos for the VERIstic®

Company Video

Collection video with the VERIstic (10ul)

Company Video

How to Make a Contrived Sample with the VERIstic (52ul)


RHINObot decaps 96 Rhinostics automated collection devices in less than a minute for handsfree workflows

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Collection Videos from Users

Video - MTDS

MTDS Collection Instructions

Video - Cascadia Study

Cascadia Collection Instructions for Children

Video - Seattle Flu

Seattle Flu Husky Collection Instructions

Harvard University Clinical Lab only

HUCL instructions for use

Step-by-step guide exclusive to the COVID-19 Self-Swab Collection Kit for Harvard University Clinical Laboratory. For general instructions, click below.


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